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Quarterback holding a football.

If businesses can connect their offerings to third-party providers, they can serve their customer better and generate additional value. The APIs they provide and consume make this possible. This is the basis of the API Economy.

Let’s look at the API Economy through the lens of Fantasy Football — a…

These are a few books that have helped me understand the role of stats and analytics in life and business. I have ended up reading these books multiple times in different formats, and I often find myself going back to them to think through a data-related topic.

The books on…

Stripping The Dread From The Data


Statistics is a key component of Data Science and Machine learning. In fact, Drew Conway’s widely-used Data Science Venn Diagram suggests that without Math and Statistics knowledge, practitioners can find themselves in the “Danger Zone!” …

Picture of an analog clock.
Temporary assignments are valuable — but the clock is ticking.

Can a 90 day or 120-day temporary assignment make a difference in your career? Can you accomplish enough or learn enough to make it more than just a break from your day job?

The answer to both questions is Yes! — but the clock is ticking.

Building Block Skills

When it comes to…

Ryan Day

Data scientist in Kansas City. The views expressed are mine alone.

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